SEO Case Study: National Products




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SEO & Facebook Ads Case Study:

“Our website visits went up dramatically and our sales began climbing in the second month of hiring Local Marketing Suite.”

This case study demonstrates our SEO skill set. We took an eCommerce website with no online presence and competing against big name brands to being ranked at the top of the first page on Google national organic search results.

The Company

Kool N Fit is a growing brand in a highly competitive market. Their product is pain relief spray and they are competing against big name brands that have been around for a while, like Ben Gay, Icy Hot and Biofreeze.

The Challenge

Kool N Fit hired us for one thing, SEO. They made this very clear from the start. They wanted to show at the top of the the first page of Google organic search results. For us this would be a challenging uphill battle.

First, they didn’t have that great of a website and didn’t want to build a new one. We had to make this happen with the website they currently had.

Second, they are in a super competitive market and competing against name brands like Ben Gay, Icy Hot and Biofreeze which were dominating search results. These competitors have hired top SEO agencies that have been performing their SEO for many years.

Third, they are competing on a national level in the United States.

The Solutoin

Our first step was to do a lot of research and competitor spying. We wanted to be clear what we were up against competing against these big brands. Once we were clear on the industry and the competition we laid down the strategy to win.

We corrected the technical issues with the website and performed SEO on the website. Once this was completed we began the off-site optimization.

We SEO’d all of their online elements, including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Google and created a consistent brand message and look. Then we launched a content campaign and back-linking campaign. We implemented our proprietary Web 3.0 SEO strategies and connected all the online elements in order to create leverage.

We ran a Facebook Ad campaign to create brand exposure and website traffic.

The Results

The FB ad campaign saw results right away with 31,000 thousand views and 16,221 clicks. Within the third month Kook N Fit started showing on the first page of Google search results and by the sixth month they were showing at the top of the first page for four of their top search terms, ahead of the competition. In the sixth month, website traffic from Google was at 11,219 visits.

The Kool N Fit brand was no longer just in the UK, it was now being established here in the Unites States.

Renate and I started Kool N Fit in the UK and had a growing presence there. When we decided to expand to the United States we began looking for a reputable Search Engine Marketing company that demonstrated a very strong skillset for SEO and we felt that Local Marketing Suite was that company. We met with the Local Marketing Suite team at their office and had a discussion about what we wanted to accomplish and it turned out to be a very positive meeting. We hired Local Marketing Suite at that first meeting.
We expressed the one thing we were after, a dominating first page presence on Google. We knew we would be competing against well established big brand names like Icy Hot, Dermoplast and Biofreeze and needed a SEO agency that could get us there.
Working with Local Marketing Suite was very easy. They are very professional and organized. The proposal was per together well and very detailed. The process of communicating was always on point. They always took our calls and responded to emails in a timely manner.
To our amazement we were already beginning to show in first page of Google search results by the third month. We were expecting it to take about six months. By the fifth month, we were showing for our top four keywords. By the sixth month we were at the top of the page ahead of all our competitors.
Our website visits went up dramatically and our sales began climbing in the second month of hiring Local Marketing Suite. They delivered way above our expectations.
I highly recommend Local Marketing Suite to anyone who needs a really good SEO agency that delivers results.