SEO Case Study: Preschool


Early Learners Children's Academy


Website Dev, Database, Lead Capture, Appointment System, Mobile Optimized, SEO


Multi-Location Case Study:

“They have had a direct impact on our revenue. Both of our preschools have been at maximum enrollment since after a few months of hiring Local Marketing Suite.”

This case study demonstrates two elements of our suite of services:

1) Demonstrates our ability to create a clear brand for an existing multi-location business.

2) An example of our customer acquisition strategy in bringing a business of two locations with a low enrollment rate to both locations having maximum enrollment with a one year waiting list.

The Company

ELCA Preschools is a privately owned preschool with two locations in San Diego.

The Challenge

When ELCA Preschools came to us they were struggling with filling the enrollment at both locations. They had previously hired a SEO company that made big promises, but failed to provide the customer acquisition ELCA Preschools asked for. Because of this the owner of ELCA Preschools was very skeptical.

The owner made it clear that the bottom line for them was that they needed to at least have their enrollment at three-quarters full.

ELCA Preschools had no first page presence in search results and were competing against the large franchise preschool organizations that had large budgets for their SEO and online marketing.

ELCA Preschools also had problems with their website, because it was an old static site with bad code and they had no clear branding.

The Solutoin

The first item on the agenda was to demonstrate our SEO skills by acquiring presence on the first page of Google, Bing and Yahoo natural search results. The reason for this was because this was where they had a lot of doubt. They were not convinced a SEO company could get this done the way they expected it to be done.

Once this was accomplished we were able to move ELCA Preschools forward in the agenda with more confidence.

We were then able to talk about branding and came up with a clear brand. “Early Learners Children’s Academy”, the name they were using, was too long to use practically, so we decided to brand them as ELCA Preschools.

We then built them a brand new multi-location website and designed the site with a Tour Scheduler and a digital Registration Form in order to create a greater click through rate.

Lastly, we implemented our proprietary Web 3.0 multi-location marketing strategies to drive traffic their way and acquire new enrollments.

The Results

Within two months they were showing up on the first page of natural search results in Google, Bing and Yahoo for the top five search phrases.

By three months in they were beating out “all” competitors in their local markets.

By the sixth month in they had reached maximum enrollment in one location and by the seventh month maximum enrollment in the other location.

They now have a one year waiting list in both locations.

The owners of ELCA Preschools plan on expanding by opening more locations and have kept Local Marketing Suite on a monthly retainer to handle all their online marketing needs.

I can’t say enough about how big a difference Local Marketing Suite has made in my business. Before hiring Local Marketing Suite I had quit paying for SEO internet marketing services and was looking for an answer to filling the enrollment in both preschools.
The reason I moved forward with Local Marketing Suite is because I felt comfortable speaking with Ed, the president. He was more down to earth in terms of explaining answers to questions and doubts I had. I liked that everyone at Local Marketing Suite is very professional, courteous and easy to speak with. Their process is very efficient. They communicate a lot, send reports and respond to emails pretty quick. They are so much better a SEO company than the ones we worked with before.
Local Marketing Suite delivered way above my expectations. Honestly, going in I didn’t expect too much and was hoping for a few more leads than what we were getting.
They have had a direct impact on our revenue. Both of our preschools have been at maximum enrollment since after a few months of hiring Local Marketing Suite. I have kept them on board to handle all our online needs. I’m very happy.